recently re-watched the video of Bill Gates in 1995 trying to explain the internet to the masses and the anchor ridiculed him as he explained how the internet would transform the world. Today some of you are reading this article online a result of the internet that was ridiculed at inception.

The resurgence of cannabis positions as if at rebirth all over again and pitting it on a high invention platform. It is however still in some places suffering from propaganda as mankind ridicules it as a gateway drug, the plant is the answer to the woes that are faced by mankind on so many fronts. Cannabis is so dynamic that the reason the plant has made so many people extremely wealthy is because in its own right when rightly administered it works beyond belief. In this way the fight for its accessibility and freedom continues to be waged around the world as it positions itself as the pathway to transform the economic land scale where it is accepted wholly, cannabis is like genie in essence it can transform and fit on any front and topple the biggest players in that industry.

“When one considers that one of the first cars Henry Ford manufactured ran on cannabis ethanol the light begins to tinker on the possibilities that cannabis can bring.”

I remember the first time I heard that Betsy Ross made the first flag of the United States of America out of the finest, strongest fibre available, hemp fabric, “It is also said that the finest laces of the olden days were always made of hemp in preference to any other fibre. That information led me to a path to search on the downturn of cannabis products and what the resurgence of cannabis will bring with it. The future is that cannabis will transform the world.

Well for cannabis to transform the world we need to arrive at a time where can generate the plants (clones) and seed to match the demands as we control the strains and varieties we plant. Mass production of cannabis for mass domination means that the application of tissue culture as a way of generating multiple clones is fast proving to be the way the cannabis plants will be produced in large volumes and duplicated to produce the same results.

Another way in which the transformation of the role cannabis plays is the reform not only in national policies but in the sporting code of conduct where the administers of the various disciplines scrap the regulation that prohibits the use of cannabis for the participants. UFC did what the world saw as the unthinkable when they partnered with Aurora to work together to change the way people think, to change the industry, and to launch the first hemp-derived CBD products that are backed by scientific research. Imagine taking cannabis before a match and getting that boost before setting off a sucker punch in the face of end the game before it even thinks of round. What UFC have embarked on with Aurora is a study which will be conducted to the highest scientific, safety and ethical standards, Jason Dyck, Ph.D., the chair of Aurora’s Global Scientific Oversight Committee, indicated further stating that the results will go through an independent ethics review and a peer review process and be submitted for review and publication in a leading scientific journals.

The banking sector will also see a lot of new challenges about financing cannabis crops but also with the influx of funds that will be allowed to flow into the banking system from a once parallel system. The current legal cannabis spending as of 2019 stands at thirteen billion United States dollars. It the reason why we are now seeing the crypto world offer cashless transaction for cannabis resellers. The cannabis plant is ready to disrupt any industry and resuscitate some ailing national economies. Why not Colorado which has 2,917 licensed marijuana businesses and 41,076 individuals who are licensed to work in the industry generated a total of More than $6 billion in total sales of cannabis since the birth of the new industry — over $6.5 billion at the end of May. The state has also benefited from this industry owing to the factor that the funds have exchanged hands on a legal and transparent platform. In 2019 the Colorado state revenue was R111,6 million.

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